Orbs, the veil is lifting
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  • Durée : 01h 25m
  • Date de sortie : 8/03/09
  • Partenaire : Beyond Words Publishing
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Orbs, the veil is lifting

Réalisé par Randy Mead

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Bringing together scientists, spiritualists, and experts, Orbs is the first full-length documentary to address and explore the Orb phenomenon. What are these Orbs? What does the presence of Orbs mean, and how do we experience them for ourselves? Through the lenses of science, skepticism, and first-hand experience, Orbs opens the conversation by addressing questions about the possibilities of what exists in the unseen. Viewers are then invited to draw their own conclusions and to explore their own first-hand experiences. The veil between dimensions is thinning with our increase in consciousness.

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