Mother's Therapy
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Mother's Therapy

Par Mathias de Lattre

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Mathias de Lattre (FR) developed an interest in natural psychedelics, in particular hallucinogenic mushrooms. Since ten years he had the intuition that they might constitute an alternative to the psychiatric treatment of his mother who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder twenty years ago.

His research on psilocybin, a naturally occurring hallucinogen produced by around 180 species of fungus, led him through prehistoric times, mycology and medicine. From the painted caves in Southern France and traditional medicinal practices in the jungle of Peru, to the scientists researching psilocybin in London and Zürich, Mother’s Therapy unites science and humanity. With texts and images the book provides context to the psilocybin-based cure given to his mother ― apparently with some success.

Biographie de l'auteur :
Mathias de Lattre
lives and works in Paris (FR). As the valedictorian graduate from the Icart-Photo school in 2012, he started his career making portraits for the press. He then gradually shifted to still life, especially for the luxury industry, and teaches photography at various American universities. His personal portraiture and landscape projects have been exhibited in Paris and Brussels and his work published in numerous magazines. Mother’s Therapy is de Lattre’s first published photo book.